Cultivation of Tea

If supreme aroma and taste of tea wakes you up from your dullest moment and lift you to new levels of energy, entire credit for that one rejuvenating tea-cup goes to rigorous and painstaking harvest and cultivation process involved in it.

  • Tea plantation requires mainly tropical and sub-tropical climates.
  • Air temperature ranging 18 -30C are optional for shoot growth. Maximum yield requires long
          hours of sunshine.
  • Tea plants are normally raised in a nursery before planted out in fields.
  • When Tea-plant reaches at the age of four, harvesting begins which involves 80 % of the labor
  • Three techniques of tea harvesting are standard harvest, medium harvest and raw harvest.
  • Fine Plucking produces quality tea and plucking 3 or more leaves and a bud gives quantity tea.
  • Once 1-2 inches of mature plant’s leaves are picked and collected in the basket, they are taken
          to factory for processing which generates different types of Tea.
White Tea White Tea
Green Tea Green Tea
Oolong Tea Oolong Tea
Black Tea Black Tea
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