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Green tea has been termed as a superfood by a lot of articles around the world after being subjected to a lot of scientific and medical studies.

J9 Premium Green Tea is a cupful of wellness offered by Jivraj 9 Tea group. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea is believed to possess heaps of health benefits. J9 Premium Green tea is available in loose leaf in a quality TIN pack and it is also available in Teabags.

J9 Premium Green Leaf Tea

Buy J9 Premium Green Leaf Tea (250 gms)

Buy Green Tea online only from Jivraj 9 Tea group online tea shop. Start your green way to health today!

 Rs. 200.00

J9 Premium Green Tea Tea Bags


Buy Green Tea bags that will meet your quality standards. J9 Premium Green Tea bags are double chambered teabags which aloows brewing on all the 4 sides thus serving you a refreshing cup of green tea.

 Rs. 75.00