Production Process

“JIVRAJ GROUP” is committed to offer  its customers superior quality Tea, which is processed in the state of art facilities and by maintaining the highest level of Safe (quality/taste) and Hygiene Standards on time, every time.

 Infrastructure: -

  • Jivraj Tea Limited owns 54 company runs retail outlets, 272 authorized distributors & servicing
         20,000 outlets directly across the Gujarat, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Karnataka.
  • Our production unit is located at Sachin, Surat, having production capacity of 9.0 million kilo
  • We maintain all the hygiene standards to deliver safe & healthy product.
  • We have also imported tea bagging machine-Constanta’s Double Chambered Tea Bag, fully
         automated with No Human Handling, having production capacity of 180 tea bags per minute.

The production process in Jivraj Tea Ltd. can be explained as following:


  • Jivraj Tea Ltd with its signature blend has received the love of a million taste buds across the
  • To get the perfect taste, aroma and flavor; a blend is made by mixing teas from different
         gardens of North and South India.
  • The blending machine mixes the tea from the gardens and the dust particles and other
         unwanted particles are extracted with the magnet attached in the same machine.
  • Once the final blend is set, it is transferred to Rolatainer weigher (as per the required SKU).
         Weigher is then transferred to the respective machine for production.

The different grades of tea that are produced in the house of JIVRAJ TEA LTD. are:

  • CTC leaf Tea: Around the world, about 90% of teas are CTC which stands for ‘Crush, Tear & Curl’
         process. CTC leaf tea infuses very quickly and gives out rich color and strong flavor to the tea.
         The convenience of making tea, generic flavor and mild bitterness have contributed to
         the near-monopoly that CTC type teas now enjoy in the homeland of Tea itself.
  • Fanning Tea: Fanning tea are finely-broken pieces of tea leaf, ranked between CTC tea and
         Dust tea that still have a recognizable coarse texture. They are the grade of tea used in most tea
         bags.Fanning Tea is a perfect choice for those who prefer dark color, less sweetness and strong
         flavor after brewing their tea.
  • Dust Tea: Dust is a fine powder, much finer than fanning tea. Dust Tea is an ideal choice for Tea
         bags as they are fine particles of tea and when brewed in water, they release dark color and
         strong aroma very quickly and easily.
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