Production of Tea



Plucking rounds depends on the climate. Plucking only bud, second & third leaves is called fine plucking. New growth can be plucked at 7-12 day intervals during the growing session. After plucking, tea leaves are processed in to four stages:


Shriveling means drying of the tea. Thus in this process, fresh tea leaves are dried up to 25-30°C reducing the water level of leaves to 60-70%.


After shriveling, the dried Tea leaves go through rolling for half an hour. It is during this process that they gradually get that real taste and aroma that differentiate them from each other.


It is the most sensitive process. Depending upon the degree of fermentation ranging from non-fermentation to Fully-Fermentation, Tea gets its characteristics i.e. Green Tea, White Tea etc. during this process. Even 5 minutes time delay in adjusting the correct fermentation period is likely to deteriorate flavor appreciably. During fermentation the leaves changes color.


Finally at the temperature of 95 degree, tea leaves are dried that leave only 4-5% moisture in them.

Thus the way the TEA is processed, it is the artistry that we taste in the final cup.

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