Types of Tea

Ever since the discovery of the ‘heavenly drink’ brewing in tea pots around the world, Tea has seen many varieties and avatars. Further categorized in to Leaf Tea, Fanning Tea, Dust Tea and Tea-bags…Tea being a product as a whole could be divided into following types:

Black Tea:

The two leaves and a bud, which is the origination point of the TEA, are plucked and go through a process of withering and rolling before drying. Black Tea goes through process called, ‘Crush, Tear & Curle’ giving it name CTC Tea.

  •   It is the most consumed type of tea which is prepared and enjoyed with milk as well as iced tea.
  •   It is fully fermented tea which gives them black color and name.

White Tea:

White tea is largely grown in China and Japan and also produced at Darjeeling, India. Plucked White Tea derives its name from the Tea-buds covered with fine silvery hairs.

  •   Comparatively less Fermented and less caffeinated.
  •   The availability and consumption is rare.

Green Tea:

Green Tea is called so, as the leaves retain the same fresh green color. Having almost same sweet tinge as White Tea, Green Tea has grassy undertone.

  •   Non-fermented Tea that helps to retain the green color that distinct it from White Tea.
  •   Rich in antioxidants and comparatively less caffeinated than black tea.

Oolong Tea:

With unique semi-oxidized process, Oolong Tea gets the brightness and freshness of a green tea and complexity of a black tea. This tea is mainly grown in China and Taiwan.

Scented or Spiced Tea:

Classic infusion of natural flower extracts with Green or Oolong Tea is called Scented or Spiced Tea. Jasmine Tea is classic example for this type of Tea. Generally known as‘tea of home’.

Pu-erh Tea:

Difficult to pronounce and equally rare to find, Pu-erh Tea is product of ancient wisdom for unique flavor and medicinal properties. Often passed from one generation to other as trade secret, Pu-erh Tea is ancient and rare Tea that brings with it benefits like help in digestion, thirst quenching, rejuvenation of mind and body, lowering triglyceride, Cholesterol among other.

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