This World Food Safety Day pledge to consume only the safest and purest

An era has dawned upon us, where we have become extra cautious. We live in a time where anything that goes in your mouth is thoroughly checked to be the most perfect and the safest.

Jivraj 9, a name synonymous with consistent flavour, fragrance, colour, taste and quality is a household name in Gujarat. However, credibility isn’t the only strength. Currently, the company’s stringent safety measures throughout the production process have strengthened the strong foothold in the market.

Not only since the COVID-19 pandemic wave, Jivraj 9 have followed strict safety practices for a long time now. Today, with more than 75 years of heritage and 75000 retail outlets, Jivraj 9 tea strives to be the undisputed market leader that has brought joy and happiness in every household in Gujarat. 

1.We ensure safety since inception:

Jivraj 9 tea production facilities are USFDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) audited. It also complies with all the norms set by FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India). We ensure that the tea remains safe throughout every stage of the production process.

2.We keep it 100% systematic, safe & secure:

We make sure that the entire process is smooth, systematic, bias-free as well as 100% safe and hygienic. Starting from the tea estate to packaging, from the retailers to your tea-table, Jivraj 9 is the finest maker of the packaged tea deploying the most modernized process.

3.We team up for safety

We believe that food safety is a shared responsibility. To ensure absolute safety, the team takes care of every microscopic detail. Tea samples are tested regularly by the tea connoisseurs – Pathik & Rushabh Shah, the Executive Directors of the group and Viren Shah, the Chairman & Managing Director of Jivraj 9 Tea Group.

With ranking assigned to each tea, only the highest rated tea is acquired from the plantation, then it’s processed into a perfect blend. Each blend tastes the same year after year.

The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Surat. Each manufacturing plant has an in-house quality control laboratory. The best-selected blends are regularly tested for physical and microbiological consistency. The extreme level of hygiene, cleanliness, and purity are strictly maintained throughout every unit. Each employee, once entered the premises, follows strict protocols.

Jivraj 9 is known for its supreme quality and consistent innovation in color, taste, flavour, and fragrance.

4.We help you drink safe:

Wake up in the morning. Breathe fresh air. Drink and dive into the aromatic flavour of Jivraj 9. Feel safe and energetic. Start a fresh new day.

This World Food Safety Day, Jivraj 9 reminds you once again to drink the best & the safest.

Let’s proudly say that Jivraj 9 hai, toh chai bilkool surakshit hai.