Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

The day when everyone’s heart shouts out for the one who you love is the Valentine’s Day. Your valentine can be your mom, dad, sis, brother, a friend, grandparents, your daughter or your son. Why not do something different this valentine’s day? Roses, hotels, ice-creams, cakes and many other things that normally one is doing are usual, right? Why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your loved one with a cup of tea that is your favorite? Let’s discuss some of the ideas that can melt the heart of your valentine.

Offer a Bed-tea: How does this sound? Isn’t it great to shower your love by bringing their favourite cup of tea, steaming hot and laid with aroma all over the bed? Wake your loved ones with a healthy breakfast and a special cup of Jivraj 9 Tea specially made to their taste.

Meet over a tea: Who is your valentine this year? Call your loved one and sit together over a cup of tea. As the tea is getting ready for you, brew up the nostalgic memories of sweetness and stir it completely to get back to your present time. Enjoy the refreshing cup of Jivraj 9 tea and walk down together the refreshing memory lane.

Gift: Let’s gift something that is quite usual but still unusual. If your beloved is a tea lover then gift them a classic kettle, cup and a saucer set along with their favorite type of Jivraj 9 tea. Just see how it makes their day and you will be remembered every time their tea is brewed and put in the kettle.

A lovely walk: Call up your Valentine for a morning walk nearby. Buy them a cup of their favorite Jivraj 9 Tea, walk together and feel the warmth of your emotions along with a tea cup in your hand. This can be the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day you can ever have.

Tea break: Weekdays could be a little busy to celebrate Valentine’s Day with ease. Well, not to worry. Have a quick meeting over a cup of tea and take along with you some memorable gift. Relax your mind and ease your body over a tea break to express it completely in that short time.

Stay at home this Valentine’s Day: If possible, spend the day at home with your loved one. Surprise your valentine by taking a day off to work. Have an awesome morning breakfast with exhilarating Jivraj 9 Tea and some healthy food options. Sit and talk, be lazy, pamper each other and spend your day with all the leisure that you can.

Make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable one with a cup of tea that will trigger your senses, satisfy your taste buds and keep you refreshed all day.