Women are the real architects of our Society

Happy International Women’s Day

The flavor of tea, its aroma and its taste is known only once it is boiled in water. The boiling water gets all the extract of the tea leaves out to keep you refreshed. Similarly, a woman shows her strength, her capabilities and her capacity with dignity when she is put in such situation. Just as the tea brews to release its flavor, a woman faces everything only to make things better.

Since ages, a ‘woman’ is symbolized with ‘Struggle’ and ‘Strength’. Be it history of any Culture or Country, Women have played a key role in bringing about the change in the Society and changed the winds with their own hands. Women, at times, can be docile and can also rise up to the occasion as and when required. Maybe, this sort of unpredictability has created a sense of mystery around Women; that Men want to find out so desperately.

Men, we can safely say, are almost dependent on Women. Right from managing their Home to being sincere co-workers at Workplace; sometimes also as Bosses, in Educational institutions, corporate Companies and in the Government too; Women play a very vital role in shaping the Society at large.

As a sip of Jivraj 9 Tea can trigger your mind and the solution is only a sip away; the woman in your life can pull you out of any problems by giving a perfect solution to it. Trust her.

This women’s Day, let us all show our deepest gratitude to all the wonderful architects of our lives who made a difference to you with their love and support.

Wish you all a very Happy International Women’s Day!