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Jivraj 9 Premium Green Tea – a tasty tea option for those who want to start their day on a healthy note. Easily to be described as a cup full of wellness, Jivraj 9 Premium Green Tea is 100% Assam Tea which offers amazing health benefits.  Full of antioxidants, Jivraj 9 Premium Green Le...Read More

J9 Premium Tea

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How to define premiumness, perfection & purest of quality in one word?  Simply say J9 Premium Tea.  100% Assam Tea blend from the house of Jivraj 9 Tea that fulfills the cravings of premium tea for true tea connoisseurs.  Available in Leaf and CTC variants, J9 Premium Tea take ...Read More


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The same unmistakable aroma…
The same unmoved taste…
The same uncompromised quality...
Comes only with one unique name – that is of Jivraj 9 Tea!  An unprecedented taste from the house of Jivraj which has been luring tea lovers with its consistent taste,...Read More

Jivraj 9 Tea Bags

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Jivraj 9 Tea bags – just dip dip and get that ever refreshing taste in every sip.  An easy, quick and convenient way to enjoy a fresh, hot cup of your favorite Jivraj 9 Tea. Challenging the misconception of people that tea bags don’t give the same brewed tea experience a...Read More

Anokhi Tea

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Now experience the same consistent quality and unmatched taste in your very own budget with the most economic tea from the house of Jivraj 9 tea – Anokhi Tea. Now no need to compromise on taste and quality especially for your morning cuppa of energy. For those who like to savor the supreme ...Read More

Suryakiran Tea

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This blend from the house of Jivraj 9 tea is luring the one and all across the nation. A product specially designed for bulk use serves you with quality tea in the price suiting your requirement. This fine tea finds a large clientele across the nation as it comes with reliability from the house o...Read More

Jivraj 9 Instant Tea Premix

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We have developed Instant Tea Premixes in a variety of flavors like Masala, Cardamom, Ginger and Lemongrass; to ensure the same taste of Jivraj 9 Tea in a quick & convenient way. This Instant Tea Powder contains Miilk solids, sugar and Tea extracts. So one just needs to add hot water to the p...Read More

Jivraj 9 Tea Vending Machine

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Jivraj 9 Tea Vending Machine.

...Read More