Jivraj 9 Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix

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Jivraj 9 Instant Lemongrass Tea Premix

Product Code: J-J9LTP-150-PB
Tea Type: Lemongrass Tea Premix
Weight: 150 gms - 10 Sachets

Rs. 150.00

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TEA is the most loved and preferred beverage all across the globe but these days not everyone has the time to brew up their tea with their selected flavors or sometimes one just wants the taste of his own favorite tea, even when he is away from home. 

At Jivraj 9 Tea Group, we have developed Instant Tea Premixes in a variety of flavors like Masala, Cardamom, Ginger and Lemongrass; to ensure the same taste of Jivraj 9 Tea in a quick & convenient way.

This Instant Tea Powder contains Miilk solids, sugar and Tea extracts. So one just needs to ADD HOT WATER to the premix to get his cup of delicious homelike hot tea.

150 gms - 10 Sachets x 15 gms each


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